Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3 Mask?

As per European EN 149 Standard, FFP 1 1. Can filter not less than 80% of 0.3 micron particles. 2. Used as a dust protection mask. 3. Internal leak rate: Maximum 22%. FFP 2 1. Can filter not less than 94% of 0.3 micron particles. 2. Used as a dust protection mask. 3. Internal leak rate: Maximum 8%. FFP 3 1. Can filter not less than 99% of 0.3 micron particles. 2. Used as a dust protection mask. 3. Internal leak rate: Maximum 2%.

Why you have to use certified N95 Mask?

As per US FDA & EN 149 Standard,
The fabric of the N95 mask is sealed using ultrasonic waves, if the manufacturer doesn’t maintain the same frequency of the ultrasonic waves, can puncture the fabric, and the mask can lose its filtration efficiency.

Why Certified N95/N99 Mask is non-washable?

Fabric of the N95/N99 mask, which is sealed using ultrasonic waves to give electrostatic charge to trap small particles, “you will kill it if you wash it, because it will lose the charge”. Don’t wash just sanitize with V-FREE Mask Sanitizer.

Difference between Vfree N95 6320 Mask and Vfree N99 6110 mask.

The Vfree N95 Mask Filters out 95% of dust and Particulates. The Vfree N99 masks will filter out slightly more ( 4% to be precise ) polluted particles but Vfree N95 6320 mask offers 50% lesser breathing resistance than Vfree N99 6110 . It means you can wear the Vfree N95 6320 mask for a longer duration without feeling suffocated.

Is Vfree N95 6320 or Vfree N99 6110 mask is washable?

No. Vfree N95 6320 or Vfree N99 mask is not washable. You can re-use it by cleaning the mask by V-free Mask Sanitizer.

Is the N99 better than the N95 Mask ?

Yes, N99 is better than N95 anti-pollution mask military grade. N99 has better filtration. But most people don’t understand the difference between N95 and n99. The N95 respirator can filter up to 95% of the particulate matter 2.5 out of the air you breathe. (fine particles refer to the dust particles in the air, which will affect the health of the body if inhaled). N99 gas mask can filter up to 99% of the particles 2.5 from the air. Like N95, they are very resistant to pollutants, but they are better than N95 because of their higher filtration rate. The higher the efficiency, the more particles the respirator will filter out.

Is Vfree N95 6320 and Vfree N99 6110 is EN 149 Standard Mask ?

Yes. Vfree N95 6320 and Vfree N99 6110 is US FDA approved EN 149 standard mask.

Is Vfree N95 6320 is FFP2 or FFP1 mask.

Vfree N95 6320 is FFP2 EN 149 standard Mask.

Is Vfree N95 6320 and Vfree N99 6110 can be cleaned by hand sanitizer spray?

No. Vfree N95 and N99 can be cleaned by Vfree Mask Sanitiser.

What is the difference between Vfree Hand Sanitiser and Vfree Mask Sanitiser?

Vfree Mask Sanitiser specially designed for Mask cleaning.

How many times you can use Vfree N95 6320 or Vfree N99 6110 mask.

Vfree N95 6320 mask can be reused by a cleaning mask by Vfree Mask sanitizer.

Where can I buy Vfree N95 respirators?

You can get it in all medical shops. In case if you find it difficult to get you can contact us on this number: 7977380085.

What’s a Vfree FFP1 Mask?

Vfree P1 is an EN 149 Standard particle filter rated for use with Mechanically generated particles eg particles formed by crushing, grinding, drilling, sanding, cutting, etc.

What’s a Vfree FFP2 Mask?

Vfree P2 is an EN 149 standard particle filter rated for use with Mechanically and Thermally generated particles eg those from welding fume. These are also the recommended type for use with biological particles eg SARS, Covid 19, H1N1, etc

What’s a Vfree FFP3 Mask?

Vfree N99 FFP3 filter is the highest efficiency particle filter class and is used for particulates that are of high toxicity or at high concentrations. The benefit of this high-efficiency filter can only be achieved on a full face respirator or head covering the respiratory system.hese are also the recommended type for use with biological particles eg SARS, Covid 19, H1N1, etc

What is the difference between Vfree Respirators and Vfree Surgical Masks.

Vfree Respirators protect from exposure to airborne particles. In healthcare, protects from exposure to biological aerosols including viruses and bacteria. Vfree Surgical masks are a barrier to splashes, droplets, and spit. Vfree Respirators are designed to seal tight to the face of the wearer

What is N95 and N99 Respirator Mask?

A respirator mask is personal protective equipment that prevents the wearer from inhaling aerosols as well as vapors or gases that are health hazards. Unlike normal surgical mask that only protects against infectious droplets (e.g. droplets of saliva or other secretions), respirator mask can also protect the wearer from inhaling micro airborne infectious agents such as airborne virus (including coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, etc). As per European standard, respirator mask must meet the industry standard, which has three grades of disposable respirator masks, known as FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. N95 FFP1Mask refers to an aerosol filtration of at least 80% and leakage to the inside of maximum 22%. This mask is mainly used as a dust mask (home renovations and various types of work). N95 FFP2 masks, in the European standard, have a minimum of 95% filtration percentage and maximum 8% leakage to the inside. They are mainly used in construction, agriculture, and by healthcare professionals against influenza viruses. As the most common and best-selling type of respirator mask, N95 masks have been proven effective for protection against the coronavirus. N99 FFP3 masks in the European standard are the most filtering masks in the market. With a minimum filtration percentage of 99% and maximum 2% leakage to the inside, they protect against very fine particles such as asbestos. It is the best mask to protect against coronavirus.

Why use VFree N95 & Vfree N99 Masks: Product Features

• V-free N95 6320V respirators are of fold flat design with a large surface area for breathing comfort. • These respirators have superior micro-fine media technology which protects the user from reparable suspended particulate matter. The filters have a high dust holding capacity which do not get clogged thereby increasing the respirators life. •These have vent valve which provides superior breathing comfort by removing built up heat inside the mask and aides in easy communication. • These respirators have unique fit adjustors which provide optimum fit & comfort. • These respirators have the headband sewn on the outside filter media to avoid puncture in the filter area and provide a leak-proof fit. • These respirators have latex free textile elastic which is skin friendly, has a long life and does not deform with repeat wears under high temperature.

User Instructions for VFree Masks

• Failure to follow all instructions and limitations on the use of this respirator and / or failure to wear this respirator during all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and result in sickness or death. • Before use, wearer must first be trained by the employer for proper respirator use in accordance with applicable Safety and Health Standards. Respiratory protection appliances are to be selected depending on the type and concentration of the hazardous substances. • The respirator may only be used if the type and concentration of the harmful substances are known. In case of unknown substances or concentrations or variable conditions, breathing apparatus should be used. • Non-ventilated containers, mines, canals should not be entered with the particle filtering half masks & also not allowed in explosive atmosphere. • If the respirator becomes damaged or breathing becomes difficult, leave the contaminated area, discard and replace the respirator. Also leave the contaminated area immediately if dizziness or other distress occurs.

User Application for VFree Masks

These respirators are suitable for use in concentration of solid and non-volatile liquid particles up to the following limits : • Do not use for protection against Gases, Vapor or in atmospheres containing less than 17% Oxygen. • Do not use with beard or other facial hair that prevent direct contact between the face and the edge of the respirator. • Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life and health, are unknown, or when particulate concentration exceed the maximum use level / or other levels determined by your National Occupational Safety and Health Authorities. If you cannot achieve a proper fit DO NOT enter the hazardous area. See your supervisor.

VFree Masks Storage & Shelf Life

• V-free N95 6320V respirators until use shall be stored in the sealed pack to retain its properties. For transport such packs shall be suitably packed in outer cartons to protect from climatic hazards and mechanical shocks. • The shelf life of VFree Masks is 60 months from the date of manufacture. (If stored between –50 C and +500 C & Humidity not over 80%).The date of manufacture is mentioned on the pack of the respirator.